$TACH Staking

The Staking Dashboard allows $TACH holders with the option to stake their $TACH to receive $XTZ rewards. This is generated from trading fees. Every time swaps occur on TachySwap, there is a 0.30% fee, of which 0.05% of the $XTZ generated through it redirect straight towards $TACH Stakers. Every month $XTZ rewards are accumulated and then distributed the month after.

$TACH stakers will lock their balance for a certain amount of time, the longer you stake the more boosted rewards in $XTZ you can obtain.

$TACH staking boosted rewards work the following way:

  1. Staking $TACH for 1 month - no boosted $XTZ APR

  2. Staking $TACH for 3 month - 2x boosted $XTZ APR

  3. Staking $TACH for 6 month - 4x boosted $XTZ APR

  4. Staking $TACH for 9 month - 6x boosted $XTZ APR

  5. Staking $TACH for 12 month - 8x boosted $XTZ APR

Once the staking period is over, the $TACH becomes un-staked, allowing you to claim rewards anytime. Remember to re-staking your $TACH if you want to continue getting real yield in $XTZ!

$TACH Staking Rewards

In its current iteration, $TACH Stakers will purely have the following 2 benefits:

  • $XTZ Real Yield coming directly from Trading Fees the platform generates.

  • Governance say as any $TACH Holder would have, with the same voting power.

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