Yield Farming

What is Yield Farming?

Yield Farming is an initiative used by protocols in DeFi to incentivize liquidity and utilization by rewarding users in governance tokens (such as TACH). The idea is to acquire users by giving them ownership of the protocol itself, in accordance with the ethos of decentralized protocols that are wholly owned by their users.

In Tachyswap, this translates to distributing TACH token rewards to users who Provide Liquidity on our DEX and stake their Liquidity Provider Tokens (TACHY-LP). Staking TACHY-LP will earn you TACH rewards in proportion to how much the share the TACHY-LP you are staking is compared to the total TACHY-LP staked in the particular farm. Tachyswap will aim to have an effective system for farming yield, while also offering the best user experience.

Bootstrapping Phase

During the first 6 months after once farming live, we'll undergo the Bootstrapping Phase using a predictable and aggressive Yield Farming Schedule to bootstrap users and TVL. In total, to bootstrap liquidity and to ensure early supporters of Tachyswap are maximally rewarded, 5% of total supply was allocated towards Yield Farming in the first 6 months.

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