Bridge to Etherlink

For this step, you'll need to already own some XTZ on Tezos layer 1. If you don't own XTZ yet, you'll need to get some using a crypto exchange such as Binance.

You can find a list of exchanges where you can purchase XTZ here.

Bridging To Etherlink

To bridge tez from Tezos Mainnet to Etherlink Mainnet and back, use the Mainnet canonical bridge. The bridge uses these general steps:

  1. Connect your Tezos and Etherlink-compatible wallets.

  2. Select the type of transfer:

    • Deposit transfers tez from Tezos layer 1 to Etherlink

    • Withdraw transfers tez from Etherlink to Tezos layer 1

  3. Enter the amount of tez to transfer.

  4. Click Move funds to Etherlink or Move funds to Tezos.

You can monitor the status of your bridge operations on the Transaction History tab.

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